Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outnumber Hunger?

Outnumber Hunger is a partnership between General Mills, Feeding America® and Big Machine Label Group to help Feeding America secure millions of meals on behalf of local food banks.

How does it work?

For every code you enter by January 31, 2018, General Mills will donate 45¢ to Feeding America® – enough to secure 5 meals on behalf of local food banks.* To say thanks for helping, you’ll get access to stream an exclusive Pandora Mixtape from multi-platinum, singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett and his friends at Big Machine Label Group, and a free Pandora Plus trial.

*Maximum total donation of $700,000. General Mills has already donated $500,000 and will donate up to an additional $200,000 based on online code entry and other consumer actions. Look for more information about the program at

What is Pandora?

Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service that we’ve partnered with for the 2017 Outnumber Hunger program. Learn more about Pandora at

Who can participate?

We need everyone to help Outnumber Hunger, and anyone can participate.

Where's the code?

Codes are located on the back or side of specially-marked General Mills products. See the participating brands.

Why do I have identical codes?

Some codes are identical, and it’s okay to enter one from each package you have.

How do I get more codes?

Get more codes by purchasing specially-marked packages of these participating brands. Return to to enter more codes and help Feeding America secure more meals.

When do I have to enter my code?

All codes must be entered by January 31, 2018.

Can I enter more than one code?

Up to 10 codes from participating General Mills brands can be entered per day, per person, per email address. If you have more than 10 codes from other participating General Mills brands, please come back another day to enter them.

Why doesn’t my code from last year work?

All codes from last year’s packages expired January 31, 2017. Please check your package for additional details.

Why partner with Feeding America?

Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity serving the entire United States. Through Feeding America’s network of 200 member food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, we are able to help make a difference in communities across America.

Why partner with BMLG?

Big Machine Label Group and their participating artists help to drive awareness of hunger in America and support Outnumber Hunger.

Is there a maximum donation General Mills will make to Feeding America?

The maximum total donation is $700,000. General Mills has already donated $500,000. General Mills will donate up to an additional $200,000 based on online code entry.

When will Feeding America receive donations?

General Mills will make regular payments throughout the promotion, with its final payment at the conclusion of the campaign.

Can I choose a food bank that’s not in my local area?

Yes, you can enter a Zip code for anywhere in the United States—even if it’s not your local area.

Can I change the food bank I chose?

Once the ZIP code has been entered and the code submitted, we’re not able to change the location.

Why when I input my zip code does it show that my donation is benefitting a food bank that is not in my neighborhood?

Each food bank serves a vast service area that expands multiple zip codes. In fact, Feeding America member food banks collectively serve the entire United States. We can assure you that your donation will support families struggling with hunger in communities served by your local food bank.

Can I designate where my donation is given?

Feeding America is a network of 200 food banks serving every community in the United States. These local food banks work with over 60,000 pantries and meal programs to serve people facing hunger in communities nationwide. Your donation is made at the food bank level and then allocated to individual food panties and meal programs to serve people in communities served by your local food bank.

What if my retailer does not appear within the provided options?

Double check that you’ve entered the correct zip code and if it remains accurate, select “other” to type in the name of the store where you made the purchase.

What is the Outnumber Hunger Pandora Mixtape?

The Outnumber Hunger Pandora Mixtape is an exclusive collection of songs and content from Big Machine Label Group artists.

How do I access my Pandora Mixtape?

After entering the code from a specially-marked General Mills product, complete the three steps to identify your local foodbank, and then you’ll receive access to the Pandora Mixtape.

Do I need to purchase the Pandora app in order to access the Pandora Mixtape?

The Pandora app is free and can be downloaded on all Android and iOS devices. If you plan to enjoy the Mixtape on your mobile device, it’s recommended that you download the app. If you are listening to the Mixtape via a desktop computer, the playlist will stream through a standard browser window.

Do I need the internet in order to access my Pandora Mixtape?

Yes, Pandora is a streaming service and requires an internet connection in order to function.

What if I don’t have a Pandora account?

After receiving access to the Outnumber Hunger Pandora Mixtape, you will be asked to sign-in to Pandora or create an account by developing a username and password. Once signed in, the Mixtape will automatically be added to your saved Pandora stations to ensure you can continuously access the playlist for future listening.



from any specially marked General Mills package and help Feeding America® secure 5 MEALS* on behalf of your local food bank. And you’ll get access to


from any specially marked General Mills package and help Feeding America® secure 5 MEALS*
on behalf of your local food bank.

It looks like you entered a code that is not valid.